All day long, we are communicating, as much with ourselves as with others. All this communication takes the form of a story, a narrative, and the stories we tell will decide our lives.
— Anjanette Delgado
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Whether you are a marketer, a businessperson, an author, a mother trying to connect with an independent-minded teen, or a non-profit manager working to motivate your team, when you tell a story with an intention, you are communicating. And communication gets results.

Tell a good story and you will get where you need to go: sell that idea, launch a successful business, make change in the world. Neglect the art of communication, and in the era of all things social, you, and your idea, product, art, or cause, will quickly become invisible, extinct.

Anjanette Delgado...

is an expert in the art of effective communication. Her techniques can be experienced first hand via award-winning novels, courses, TV shows, series and documentaries, national columns, social media, and grassroots campaigns. She has designed a system based on the science of connection through story, and put it to the test in the most audience-minded arenas of our time: writing, producing, and training for such renowned media outlets as Vogue, HBO, NPR, NBC, CNN, Univision, Telemundo, MGM, the United Nations, Santillana USA, Spain’s Grupo Prisa, and Simon and Schuster, among others.

We get the things we want and need in life through other people. Others are the vehicles for our good, if we can clearly communicate what we want, make our case, win friends, move others to action, inspire their desire to help us. To collaborate with us, recommend us to others, introduce us to potential partners, interview us for exciting positions, promote our products via word of mouth, donate to our causes, publish us… the list is endless.

And it's a list Anjanette has all but exhausted, honing her communication-through-story skills in almost every media field: as a television network producer, as a screenwriter, and as an award-winning novelist with several international and national awards to her name (The Heartbreak Pill and La píldora del mal amor – Atria Books).  The rights to her novels have been sold in over 14 countries, and she has written and produced dramatic and comedic series (Madres en la lejanía, Univision) (Great in Bed, HBO), and multimedia national campaigns for some of the biggest companies in entertainment today.

Every time we speak, we tell a story. But, will it be a good one? Will it get us closer to our goals, to our dreams? It doesn’t matter if it’s a presentation, a telenovela, or a speech. A stand-up poem or a passionate argument. The question according to Anjanette is, will we tell it in a way that makes the magic of true communication happen? Will we enchant our listener into giving us that job? Capture the attention of our fifteen-year old? Will we use the techniques of professional story creators to connect intentionally, immediately and powerfully with anyone? To get all that we want in life?

Born into severe emotional turmoil and financial poverty, Anjanette credits stories with all her successes. Reading as a child saved her. Speaking as an adult allowed her to achieve her dreams.

She holds an undergraduate degree in Mass Communications from the University of Puerto Rico, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Florida International University, both achieved with honors. She regularly speaks on the art of communication and enjoys teaching at the Florida Literary Arts Center, an arm of the world-renowned Miami Book Fair. She lives in Miami with her husband and mini daschund, Chloe. Her favorite quote is Winston Churchill’s “When you’re going through hell; keep going.”

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